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Horrible customer service- called about new acct info. Ray Cook - Northgate location answer the phone and very horrible non professional customer service. He also did not know who the Regional Manager when asked for information due to so rude. I would not open an acct or refer anyone to this bank. Customer is so important, the company will not be a top of the chart bank due to this very issue. I will move on down the street to another bank that... Read more

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Well this is a long one, however maybe it will prevent anyone else from having it happen to. Last month i had made 2 purchases from a company overseas. Yes my first mistake. However, this past week i am looking my account over and i see appx 17 charges from different companies from china. coming to rounded total of appx 1500 I call the bank report it. In being straightforward i said yes when they asked me if i ever purchased from this company... Read more

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Absolutely horrendous business practice and customer service. Taking money from my account on multiple occasions when I had called to discuss the situation more than 4 times even with an onsite manager. Took them 43 days to issue a debit card. Don't ever trust your money with Frost. I will never use them again.

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Used to work for Frost years ago and they are a great company to work for. They work hard everyday to find new ways to offer better customer service to spoiled customers who seem to want everything handed to them on a silver platter but nothing is ever good enough. Grown men and women don't even know how to fill out a deposit and withdrawal slip. This bank is pretty lenient on pretty much everything that they offer. They make way too exceptions... Read more

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We can write all the complaints we want. They don't care. Customer service is aweful. My account has been compromised twice. Its been almost a month no new cards. When you call they have no clue what's going on and literally their awnswer is "I don't know". How do you not know why it's been a month and you didn't send a new card, how do you not know what big corporation caused my card to be compromised?. Incompetent bank. Read more

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I'm very sad to find out that I'm still just a number at my Bank after being a very loyal Customer for over 24 Years. I got declined a second time for a low interest Equity Loan which was offered to me by Frost. It is very hard for a single woman in this Country to survive, of course when I was still married and a lot more many came in we where never declined for anything. 4,99% interest would make it so much easier to stay at flood than 15%... Read more

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I went to them to open an account after we moved here. The lady ran my credit info and said I was under investigation for "check fraud". I asked if she copied the info I gave her correctly. She then said she was going to call the Police. Yes- "she was calling the Police on me". She tried again and said the same. It was news to me. I immediately went home to check my credit report and talk to my past bank where we left. They had no... Read more

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It appears Frost Bank closed our account because we are an immigrant family. On Thursday, we received a letter stating the following: Dear , The mission of Frost is to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Unfortunately, there are times when we are unable to achieve this goal. Accordingly, as provided in our Deposit Account Agreement in the Account Termination clause that states “You and we agree that... Read more

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I have a merchant dispute with a store in San Antonio that I did business with. Took all my info to Frost Bank and was told I would know by 39 days, then it was 45 days, now it's 90 to 120 days. This bank is horrible when it comes to protecting their cardholders. They seem to take the stand that you, their customer, are in the wrong. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Broadway and most banks handle these situations much differently. If this had been... Read more

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My mother went to Frost and met with an advisor named Rebecca Boyd, in the San Antonio office .who gave her horrible advice. First she lied and said she was a CFP, then she lied and said she had a degree in investments. Further research proved both were lies. Then she recomended she sell all her existing mutual funds so she could sell her some new funds. We have called and written her letters asking for the name of her supervisor but she... Read more

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